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Adams Family Ouija Board

Sept 09, 2008 by DragonOak
Each Ouija Board is hand made as if it was my own
Symbols similar to America's Favorite Comedy show, the Adams Family

Handcrafted Adams Family Halloween Ouija Board! This special Ouija board features designs in honor of one of the great comedy shows of our time The Adams Family. In addition are the words Yes, No, and Farewell in a Frosty Font. Each board is singed and numbered by the artist, DragonOak. This hand made ouija board is perfect for those that appreciate a little comedy and realize it is okay to be different. Bring your magic to life with this limited production Adams Family Halloween ouija board, magickally infused with 9 moon elements.

A haunted house, vampires, and bats center this board near frost type lettering and numerals
Center View

It, werewolf, and ghost
Bottom right view

Rest in peace, the thing, and a ghost
Bottom left on the Ouija Board is more endearing depictions of the comedy show

Top Left symbols of haunted times
Top Left of the Ouija board is a spider web, witch, and a bat.

Adams Family Halloween Ouija Board
The special Adams Family Halloween Ouija Board

Top Right another spider and web
Top Right Spider and web on the Ouija Board

Haunted pointer planchette with the board
Haunted finger pointer on planchette comes with the Ouija Board