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Egyptian Paranormal Ouija Board

March 06, 2009 by DragonOak
Each Ouija Board is hand made as if it was my own
The Deities of Isis and Osiris Guard and Guide this Board

Handcrafted Egyptian Paranormal Ouija Board! This Egyptian Paranormal Ouija board features the egyptian pyramids, symbols of osiris and isis, the lotus, the scarab, and a sun disk with the alphabet and base numerals. In addition are the words Yes, No, Maybe, Don't Know, and Goodbye in old English lettering. Each board is singed and numbered by the artist. This hand made Egyptian Paranormal ouija board is perfect for those that honor the day of old of the Egyptian realm. Bring your magic to life with this limited production Egyptian ouija board, magickally infused with 9 moon elements.

Egyptian Pyramids in formation as is Orions Belt
Depiction of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptian Sun Disk
Egyptian Sun Disk

Image of Osiris
Bottom left on the Ouija Board is a image of Osiris

Top Left is the sacred scarab
Top Left of the Ouija board is the sacred scarab.

Image of Isis
Sacred image of Isis

Top Right is the sacred lotus
Top Right is the sacred lotus on the Ouija Board